Press Contacts

Press Contacts and Known Media Agencies

Last updated: 05/12/2023

Here is a list of sympathetic press contacts and media agencies that have covered the ongoing issues with Manx Gas, Isle of Man Energy and the OFT. It is recommended that you contact each and every one of these outlets with your own story as the more coverage of this situation, the more action must be taken.

Information Things to remember when contacting the press

Here are some top tips for things to mention or include when contacting the press. Alternatively, copy and paste the letter at the bottom of this page to them as a BCC to show your support of our efforts, and your feelings towards Manx Gas, Isle of Man Energy or the OFT.

# Name Details Website Telephone Email
2 Isle of Man Courier Print outlet providing local news 01624 695697 Email
3 Isle of Man Today Online portal for local news 01624 695695 Email
4 Manx Radio Radio outlet providing local news and entertaiment 01624 661368
5 3FM Isle of Man Radio outlet providing local news and entertaiment 01624 615333
6 Energy FM Radio outlet providing local news 01624 611936 Email
7 Business365 Magazine focused on business news 01624 696565
9 Paul Moulton's Isle of Man TV Independent platform reporting daily news 07624 310000 Email
10 BBC Isle off Man BBC News for the Isle of Man Email

Email Template Suggestion for your convenience!

Please feel free to use this template when contacting the media, and amending it to suit your specific thoughts.

Title Action against Manx Gas


Dear Trusted Media Outlet

I am writing to you in my support for the efforts of Manx Gas Information ( the independant organsation that is seeking action and providing public support against Manx Gas.

It has now been over 12 months since the BBC first reported on problems with billing as a result of Manx Gas becoming Isle of Man Energy. We have been persistently informed that this situation is "under control" by the Office of Fair Trading yet as of December 2023, the website is inundated with users telling them otherwise.

What is needed at this point is a full investigation of what has been allowed to happen to the only gas supplier on the Isle of Man, and why they have been allowed to continually exploit the Manx public with inaccurate billing and poor customer services.

If you would be so kind as to do your journalistic best to investigate this fully, the island would appreciate your reporting.

Kind Regards,
{Your Name Here}