"Fair and Very Normal"

Isle of Man Energy seems to believe everything they do is 100% accurate all of a sudden!

Issuing a statement that could only be described as delusional, Isle of Man Energy seem to have forgotten about its recent actions, and the 600 complaints with the OFT when talking about 'Fair and Normal'...

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"I think the most effective thing would be for proper regulation of the sector and that is in the hands of us Keys members as legislators."

We are collating as much evidence as possible against Manx Gas (aka Isle of Man Energy) as possible to ensure all residents have access to accurate and factual legal information so they can decide independantly of an advocate whether or not to take action against the company.

David Ashford MBE
David Ashford MBE
(MHK for Douglas North)

About Us

Manx Gas Information and Services technically began in November 2022 when Isle of Man Energy failed to account for a single payment made to Manx Gas. Amidst the confusion of the name change (they forgot to inform the customers of) their phones rang and rang and no-one would ever answer.

I wrote them a letter to let them know of their error and they didn't respond.

I wrote them a letter to let them know my actualy reading rather than their ridiculous over-estimated bill and they didn't respond.

I wrote them a Letter Before Action in an attempt to not have to take them to court and they still didn't respond*.

The court served them legal notice of my intent to sue them for negligence, incorrect invoicing and breach of their duty of care and they didn't respond!

I have had the fortuity that I made the time to do this. Most people do not which is how they continue to get away with it.

That ends now.

* Technically they did respond, but they did so after 21 days and not the 14 required by the court...

Provide Your Story

The best form of accountability is if every person on the Isle of Man registers their story in a single place in the public domain for all to see.

If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please leave your name blank. We fully appreciate you may not want to be associated publicly with your story but want to share it.

If you have a detailed story and would prefer to discuss it over the phone, please leave your number and someone will try and call you back as soon as we can to we can transcribe it for you.

FAQ & Information

It's actually surprisingly simple! Click here to follow our step by step guide, which in cludes template text and a quick wizard to ensure you cite all the correct case law in your claim before you submit it to the Courts of Justice in the Isle of Man.
A good question! We don't know but they have been aware of the ongoing billing issues of over 300 complaints with their offices now since as early as January 2023, so we believe its about time they did! Click here to find a helpful link to their contact information with a simple copy and paste template for you to use when registering your complaint.
The court filing fees vary depending on the level of damages and compensation you may be entitled to with your circumstances. To register a Small Claim over misbilling, the fee is as little as £30 which will be awarded back to you when you win your case.
At this point, and with so much mounting evidence against them, it would be difficult for any deemster to not agree with the majority of the residents in the Isle of Man that there needs to be serious concequences for inaccurate bills sent to thousands of members of the Manx public. We have many pieces of relevant case law to cite no matter what your exacting circumstances, and once actual Manx Case Law is established on the matter, every inaccurate bill will result in an instant win for the claimant.
We believe that what Manx Gas (aka Isle of Man Energy) have done to Isle of Man residents is criminal. As a monopoly for the islands gas supply, they have exploited the general publics apathy and been allowed to overbill, force direct debit increases where no increase is needed and generally act like a beligerant schoolyard bully for too long. Action must be taken to stop this kind of bad behaviour for the overall benefit of Manx residents.



Even a conservative estimate must suggest there are thousands of people out there that have had issues with Manx Gas.

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Please let us know your own Horror Story with Manx Gas. The more stories we have, the better our chances of collective action.

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More and more people are offering themselves as 'Expert Witnesses' as a collective network which will help when we take legal action against them in 2024.

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Manx Gas were happy to cut off a single parent with a 5 week old baby. This has to stop. Write to your MHK and support action against Manx Gas.

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Please get in touch if you have any other enquiries, feedback or would just like to let us know of anything that might help others in the Isle of Man deal with issues they may be having with Manx Gas.

If you have a detailed story and would prefer to discuss it over the phone, please leave your number and someone will try and call you back as soon as we can.