Last updated: 03/12/2023

Here is a list of every MHK in the Isle of Man in one place! Please feel free to contact them directly about your issues with Manx Gas, Isle of Man Energy and the OFT.

Information Things to remember when contacting your MHK

To minimise the impact on MHKs, please contact the MHK for your own constituency first as this will have the maximum impact and ensure you are represented in the House of Keys. If mulitple MHKs are raising the same issues in Tynwald, this will send the message that action must be taken immediately.

# Name Constituency Website Telephone Contact
1 Tanya August-Hanson Legislative Council Tynwald 01624 651528 Email Address
2 Paul Craine Legislative Council Tynwald 01624 685517 Email Address
3 Peter Greenhill Legislative Council Tynwald 01624 686169 Email Address
4 Bill Henderson Legislative Council Tynwald 01624 686171 Email Address
5 Diane Kelsey Legislative Council Tynwald 01624 686170 Email Address
6 Dawn Kinnish Legislative Council Tynwald 01624 686143 Email Address
7 Rob Mercer Legislative Council Tynwald 01624 651514 Email Address
8 Kerry Sharpe Legislative Council Tynwald 01624 651515 Email Address
9 The Hon Laurence Skelly Legislative Council Tynwald 01624 685508 Email Address
10 Walter Wannenburgh KC Legislative Council Tynwald 01624 685452 Email Address
11 Hon Alex Allinson Ramsey Tynwald 01624 651517 Email Address
12 David Ashford MBE MHK Douglas North Tynwald 01624 427232 Email Address
13 Hon Clare Barber Douglas East Tynwald 01624 257947 Email Address
14 Daphne Caine Garff Tynwald 01624 651519 Email Address
15 Rob Callister Onchan Tynwald 01624 664475 Email Address
16 Hon Alfred Cannan Ayre and Michael Tynwald 01624 685518 Email Address
17 Claire Christian Douglas South Tynwald 01624 686166 Email Address
18 Ann Corlett Douglas Central Tynwald 01624 651531 Email Address
19 Hon Tim Crookall Glenfaba and Peel Tynwald 01624 685485 Email Address
20 Hon Julie Edge Onchan Tynwald 01624 651512 Email Address
21 Joney Faragher Douglas East Tynwald 01624 651503 Email Address
23 Tim Glover Arbory, Castletown and Malew Tynwald 01624 651529 Email Address
24 Dr Michelle Haywood Rushen Tynwald 01624 651532 Email Address
25 Hon Lawrie Hooper Ramsey Tynwald 07624 473478 Email Address
26 Hon Tim Johnston Ayre and Michael Tynwald 01624 685482 Email Address
27 Hon Kate Lord-Brennan Glenfaba and Peel Tynwald 01624 685596 Email Address
28 Sarah Maltby Douglas South Tynwald 07624 491712 Email Address
29 Jason Moorhouse Arbory, Castletown and Malew Tynwald 01624 651533 Email Address
30 Stu Peters Middle Tynwald 01624 651530 Email Address
31 Hon Jane Poole-Wilson Middle Tynwald 01624 651511 Email Address
32 Andrew Smith Garff Tynwald 01624 651518 Email Address
33 Chris Thomas Douglas Central Tynwald 07624 415820 Email Address
34 John Wannenburgh Douglas North Tynwald 01624 686172 Email Address
35 The Hon Juan Watterson Rushen Tynwald 01624 685507 Email Address
What to say to your MHK

Contacting your MHK can be as simple as a single line to let them know you have faced issues with Manx Gas, Isle of Man Energy or the OFT.

Or, you can give them the full story in the hope they will get the full picture of each and every circumstance facing families on the island.

Alternatively, feel free to use the template below to share your thoughts and show your support for our efforts.

Email Template Suggestion for your convenience!

Please feel free to use this template when contacting your MHK, and amending it to suit your specific thoughts.

Title Action against Manx Gas

TO {Send directly to you constituency based MHKs}
CC {Feel free to use Carbon Copy to send to all MHKs} Tanya.August-HansonMLC@GOV.IM , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Dear {MHK for your Constituency}

As the MHK for my constituency, I am writing to you to highlight my support for the efforts of Manx Gas Information (, the independant organsation that is providing public support for Isle of Man residences experiencing difficulties with Manx Gas.

It has now been over 12 months since the BBC first reported on problems with billing as a result of Manx Gas becoming Isle of Man Energy. We have been persistently informed that this situation is "under control" by the Office of Fair Trading yet as of December 2023, the website is inundated with users telling them otherwise.

I myself have had the following issues with the gas supplier directly:

* Delete from the list as applicable to your personal circumstances *

  • Inaccurate Billing Amounts
  • Request to unfairly increase my Direct Debit amount
  • Disconnection of Supply
  • No response to communications
  • Unwillingness to provide accurate invoices
  • Loss of Payments
  • Overbilling of amounts due
  • Misleading Invoices / Multiple Invoices at once
  • Inability to contact the supplier promptly or easily
  • Other Please do let us know at if we've missed anything to help others!

As such, I would like to know that as my MHK, you are supporting efforts to hold the supplier accountable for their negligence as well as any legal action that might be neccesary where applicable.

Many of the actions customers faced are subject to UK Case Law that has yet to be established in the Isle of Man. I would like you to assure me, and all constituents, that you plan to hold Manx Gas to account where they have fallen foul of the law for the benefit of the island as a whole.

I thank you for your time and understanding.

Kind Regards,
{Your Name Here}