"Fair and Very Normal" this situation is definitely not...

Imagine a scenario where you get your bill and you can just pay it because it is 100% accurate. That would be "Fair and Very Normal" it would be fair to say.

Dear Manx Gas, Isle of Man Energy, Island Energy or whatever the hell you are calling yourselves this week,

I'm writing an open letter to express my utter disgust at your company's atrocious behavior. It seems like the entire Isle of Man is sick of your shenanigans, and I'm here to add yet another voice to the Chorus of Outrage we hear daily about your truly awful company.

You've sadly been allowed to become the monopoly supplier, and you're trying to use your position to allow you to continue to act unethically and in some cases, criminally. Your billing system is so broken that you've racked up over 600 complaints with the OFT in the past year alone. Did you forget that?

That's a complaint rate of approximately 3% of households, which is an astronomical rate of the Manx public to complain about your company's billing nightmares.

I did wonder how much more insane this situation could get, then we hear you pulled the plug on a single mother with a five-week-old baby for not paying her bill. Just wow.

I mean, seriously, what kind of monster disconnects a woman from her gas supply in the middle of winter, especially when she's the sole caretaker of a newborn child? Did you forget that babies need heat, warmth, and a stable environment to thrive? Or did you decide that their comfort was less important than your profits?

And now, when you're still plagued with billing issues and complaints for over a year, resulting in a mountain of public fury, do you really think it's a good idea to double down on your stubbornness and declare that disconnecting customers is 'very normal'? You even have the audacity to call Tynwald's proposed legislation to stop you from disconnecting vulnerable customers 'anti-competitive' and 'unfair.'!You're like a child throwing a tantrum when they don't get their way.

Let's get something straight: you're not being competitive; you're being a bully. You're using your monopoly power to squeeze people dry, and then when they complain about your inaccuate and nonsensical invoices, you play the victim card. It's pathetic.

You know what's fair? Connecting a single mother with a five-week-old baby to her gas supply, even if she owes you a few quid.

You know what's normal? Treating your customers with respect and providing accurate invoices to them in a timely manner, answering their enquiries and not closing your only viable method of resolution because it was proving too much work for you.

So here's some free advice: fix your billing system, stop disconnecting vulnerable customers, and start treating the Isle of Man with the respect it deserves. Otherwise, you're going to find yourself on the wrong end of a massive public backlash, one with even more than the 3% of the public that already filed a complaint with the OFT.

The winds of change are blowing your way, and they're bringing with them a storm of public outrage and regulatory action. You've dug your own grave, and now you're going to lie in it. And while you're there, reflecting on your colossal blunders, spare a thought for that poor mother and her baby. They deserve better than to be pawns in your greedy game.

So, on behalf of the entire island, I say this: you've had your time, and it's time for you to change your ways or face the Reaper. The Isle of Man deserves a gas supplier that's not only competent but also compassionate, one that understands that our well-being is more important than their profits.


Yet Another Fed-Up Isle of Man Resident and Manx Gas 'Customer'