'Isle of Man Energy' FAQs (Manx Gas FAQs)


Who are 'Isle of Man Energy'?

'Isle of Man Energy' is the trading name of 'Manx Gas Limited'.


Why was I not informed of the name change to 'Isle of Man Energy'?

We don't know. We have yet to hear of a single customer that was correctly informed of the trading name change, but are happy to be corrected if there was any.

Either a vast number of customers were not adequated informed, or it was all of them. We are trying to determine whether there was any form of formal communication with customers directly, or whether they felt it adequate to simply make a public statement on their phone line.


Is it legal that I was not informed of the name change?

Technically yes, but it also depends on whether it could be considered deceptive in lieu of their billing discrepancies. You can read more below:

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Why did it all start going wrong when 'Manx Gas' changed to 'Isle of Man Energy'?

It seems like it was a series of unfortunate events rather than a direct correlation.

It seems evident there was some form of software change in the period of the transition and ever since, customers seem to be getting multiple bills issues, inaccurate statements and even lost payments.

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